Fun In The Sun!

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After suffering great depression due to circumstances for not being able to go to Indonesian Fashion Week 2014, I've decided to try and cheer myself up by posting happy looking images and also share with you my book haul. For you who loves reading book as much as I do.
Last time during the school holiday, I invited one of my friend to have a photoshoot with me. This happened before I even started blogging. There are certainly no limit to my photography and fashion obsession. These pictures are taken right by the gates inside my house and the lighting was perfect.

When trying to look cool yet girly at the same time, accommodate a graphic top with a little detailing on it and pair it with some shorts and a cool black boot. This will always work. You could also try styling your hair up in anyways but I'm no expert at this.

Top from Magnolia a local brand and the shorts were thrifted at Taiwan.
I love the cute drawing and writing on this short.
These sneakers I bought at ROSS USA department store. They actually sell a lot of shoes that are on sale!

The Overall Look :)

Now to the BOOK HAUL!!

Edgar Allan Poe was a very famous classic poet and horror story writer for those of you who love literature.
Trinkets in the other hand is an interesting story about thief by Kirsten Smith

The book Gloss is about working in a fashion magazine office while
Paris Street Style is about the cool fashionistas in paris wear and
it includes several cool tips from them too.

And never miss my monthly dose of TeenVogue. I love how teen vogue loves including ballerinas once in a while.

I'm Loving my super cute new knitted rabbit camera case! It's so adorable I actually feel like cuddling with it.
 To share with you guys, I'm loving this band called Manic Street Preachers and I got they're album National Treasure. The other one would be The Weeknd, I recently knew it from the songs in my Ipod which I found accidently. Thursday has a really catchy tune!

Just to tell all of you Indonesian readers, this week at FX Sudirman mall there will be Infare Garage Market!! You could check their instagram @infare_ or #infare2. You can also checkout they're blog here.
This was last years poster :)
And this is this years!

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