Fashion Week


Just recently New York, Paris, Milan fashion week had just passed. Scrolling through the beautiful outfits of street style shots, I had this outfit I'm sharing with all of you. It is important to wear a convenient outfit yet still look stylish incase any photographers or paparazzi caught a glimpse of your outfit at any times.

I wore a sabrina crop top and high waisted shorts along with a hat ( for the sun ) and a pair of wine red DocMartens. Along with this I paired it with a grey denim which I switched with a DIY Kimono in case if the weather gets too hot. I also incorporated some chokers and necklace for a grunge look because I love chokers and grunge fashion.

With millions of fashionable people around the streets, you would want to stand out within all those people so why not add some of your personal style and a seasonal item or anything that floats your boat. 

Sabrina Top: H&M
High-Waist Shorts: Topshop
Denim Outerwear: Cotton On
Kimono: DIY and fabric from H&M (was a scarf)
Chokers: LunarCult
Hat: H&M

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