One of my favourite topic is dressing up and styling items for festivals.

How to dress long dress you say?

Here are some tips to kick start for festivals and look like a Bohemian Princess without overdoing things. Start off by picking the style of long dress you want here is a off-shoulder long dress. From there, you could begin to look for the right accessories and complimentary pieces to go with your dress.

Off Shoulder Smocked Printed Front Slit Maxi Dress - White
Pick a dress with your favourite pattern and colour especially one that would suit your body shape. I chose this beautiful open slit dress because I am short. The front opening allows my legs to peep through and show length.

I incorporated it with this beautiful gladiator espadrilles that would look gorgeous with the pattern of the dress previously picked.

Double Horn Velvet Choker - Black
Incorporating black, this black velvet choker along with he horn charm just screams MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Metal Rivets Zippers PU Leather Backpack - Black
To top it off, a black leather backpack to not only keep your items inside safe from possible rainwater but also so you could comfortably jam to the music while everything is safely stored.

10 PCS Circle Adorn Hair Accessories - Silver
Last is this extra silver rings you insert into your braided hair to give some extra oomph to your hair so you are glam from top to bottom.

This is how I would dress up a long dress for a festival. How about you? 

For more festival outfit needs, visit Zaful. They are currently having a promotion especially for students!


I'm finally back from exams and I intend to post more now, back to blogging and posting creative content. So if you keep tabs on my Instagram, I posted several shoots that I did with my friends and the concept despite looking planned actually came from sudden ideas and impulsive/desperate search attempts to result in those photographs. So here is a post of how I get concept for photoshoots.

There are usually many different ways to approach this. For example you could pick a location and then adjust your outfit and make up to match the location or you could pick an outfit and do the opposite. If you decide to do a portrait shoot then focus on make up and hairdo and wear simple outfits so as to not distract people from looking at your clothes in the photograph.

Now a good location does not have to look good at first glimpse. For example I used a parking lot for my latest photoshoot but with proper choice of posing and a specific section of the parking lot, I could obtain cool photographs and a range of style from just one spot. With good editing and styling as well as angles, you could get different style shots just like these.

 Another idea is to use props or DIY your own device or shadow creator and use anything readily available such as sunlight and styrofoam and paper. Here I used aquarium LED lights as well as coloured translucent files to create this lighting. On the portraits I used a punctured styrofoam and use the focused sunlight to obtain shadows and my house gratings.

The best advice is just to... Not care and try everything!

Parking Lot Photoshoot
Photographer: Mario
Models: Caroline and Joyi

Shadow and Green Portraits
Photographer: Caroline and Joyi
Model: Caroline and Joyi
It's been some time but I always post a Chinese New Year Outfit! This year donned in Apparel After Dark's Latest collection and I love it! This year's Chinese New Year is right after my Birthday and before this I had portfolio's to complete so I didn't have much time to do anything leisurely. Being an IB student is very tiring I'm sure you those out there know what I mean, also the reason why I almost never post ever.

Nevertheless, enjoy this new year and I wish everyone a lucky and prosperous year!

Top: Apparel After Dark
Skirt: Apparel After Dark
Shoes: Vinci
Choker: Forever 21
I made a post draft on my phone and then it crashed and everything disappeared. So here is to the mishaps my phone experienced, I'm retyping my post for Wethefest16.

It's that time of the year when We the festival is back. This year, I managed to get a bigger group of friends to come with me. Props to Ismaya for bringing in a bomb lineup, especially The 1975! THANK YOU.

This years festival gave me mixed feelings. On one hand I wanted to enjoy the weather and at least not have to listen to music in a raincoat but I had to watch my favourite band so I wen't ahead and did everything I could to get as close to the stage as possible. I also love Alina Baraz whom I listen to from my premature slow song phase days. As usual they had good but overpriced things.

The worst part of this was that there was an H&M popup shop and since it was raining, my fabric drawstring bag was wet. Worry in fear that my technology will break, I decided to go to H&M to grab a leather drawstring. However, as I arrive I had to wait outside for the people inside to leave as it will be "too full". In normal circumstances I would understand this, but it began raining hard and the people inside the shop aren't even there to shop they wanted shelter. So I stood under the rain waiting for them to finally leave so I could enter to buy a bag. The shelter at Wethefest was too little and I didn't anticipate rain. Highlights of this year's festival includes watching Macklemore in the parking space until it ends and still could not leave the festival area because the cars were parked in parallel and my car was stuck in between once that won't leave.

In contrast to that, they had really cool booths and the Drake hotline bling box was a very cool concept. I didn't have much time wandering around as I wanted to listen to snippets of some the singers and bands/dj performing.

Overall, I think it was a win lose situation. The rain wasn't very nice, but the lineup was worth the hype. The outside situation especially parking and raincoat provision should be improved.

P.S. I'm trying to summarise it as short as possible.

This photoshoot was done quite a while ago however I didn't have the chance to touch and move the pictures from my camera so please enjoy this slightly fancy photoshoot I did with Kuku who is in love with her dark lips.

These outfit could be casually worn out or with a little touch of makeup and accessories could be worn to birthday parties. We have created a simple palette for you to mix and match and edit.