Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival, also known as JFFF is a Festival where designers get to showcase their designs to people on runway shows held in Mall Kelapa Gading. There are also food fairs in La Piazza called Tempo Doloe and of course the wine and cheese expo.

This is a very great opportunity for me to see all the great designers of Jakarta and showcase their designs which are all absolutely stunning.

Knowing that Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival has been going on, when I watched one of the shows of the designer last Tuesday, another designer who was distributing invitations to his show gave one to me and my friend who of course delightedly accepted this. The runway was on Friday scheduled to be on 7PM and at the same time I received another invitation for a runway show in the MKG3 stage from Hunting Fields also at 7PM.

Now on Tuesday the shows stared late so I decided to watch the OOTD by hunting fields, RAD, KLE and Monday to Sunday first . These are four seperate designers while the other one was Rhythm of Celebes by Defrico Audy which was at Harris Hotel and Convention. Just as OOTD was finished  I rushed to Harris Hotel in hopes of being able to watch the Rhythm of Celebes. I was lucky enough they were just about to close the gates and I got seats on the vert edge of the runway. This actually gave me a perfect angle to take pictures and also a very good view on the details of the clothing. 

So here I share with you pictures from OOTD, their designs express me a lot. It's full of monochrome and cutouts which I absolutely love and of course a full on black look. Some have super cute jellyfish patterns on their clothing and even the shoes worn by the models are really stylish and cool. They match perfectly with the outfit.

This next one is my KLE with beautiful cuttings and shapes in all jet black colors. I love the concept and also the dark lip make up which totally fits with the theme.

The Beautiful young designer of KLE
RAD collection has spoken for itself. The splash of colors on the runway was magnificent and the cute drapery designs are very lovely. Here are some of my favourites.

Last but not least of OOTD is from Hunting Fields which I absolutely love. The mesh tops, color blocked blazer and never forget the super unique jelly fish patterns are unforgettable. The underwater theme of these designs are beautiful just like the skirt that flares out like a mermaid tail.

The next show, Rhythm of Celebes is more of Haute Couture designs with the intricate beads and embroiders on the dresses. The mixture of ethnic patterns and lace skirts are remarkable and beautiful.

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Just this Tuesday, I had the chance to watch my first ever runway show. It was so exciting and fascinating because I would watch anyway runway if I have the chance. I got tickets to JFFF, Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival, where I saw the intricate and design of designers that I honestly never saw but fell deeply in love with their designs. JFFF is a period when fashion designers gets to showcase their designs and there are also some old food ( food from the past) and fashion and food fairs set up in Mall Kelapa Gading. I know this had been going on for so long but only this year did I get a chance to gain free invitations for shopping and attend this wonderful event.

I got two tickets one is to Lennor by Lenny Agustin and the other is Urban Morphology by Sofie. I love how Lenny Agustin used our country's batik and changed it to modern designs with a colorful and fun vibe. These are several looks from the Lennor collection and the picture of the designer.

The next show was more of a dynamic and modern design with shapes, pattern and cuttings of the dress and clothes. It was full of black and white with zebra prints. Normally I wouldn't be a big fan of animal prints or patterns but after seeing this runway, I just am obsessed with it now.

All in all, it was an awesome experience to witness these designer's collection for this year's JFFF and I can't wait for some more!