Yesterday, 8th November, I went to North Bazaar held at Jetski Cafe, Pantai Mutiara Pluit. There were lots of unique and delicious food.The spotlight of the bazaar was on four beautiful bloggers Anaztasia Siantar, Claradevi, Pupupaula and Sonia Eryka.

I had registered to an "Analogue Photography Workshop" and I certainly did not regret joining . Due to the change of time, most of the participants did not join the class and so that left me and my friend Jeanny to be the only ones that participated. 

We learnt the basics of analog photography ,which was learning the settings and how to snap the pictures we desire. Our mentor said he will deliver the results of our negative as soon as it's done being processed and printed! I can't wait to see the results. 

I roamed around and saw so many different food and dessert booth and they all looked so delicious but apparebtly after the workshop I didn't have time to take pictures of the booths but I did take pictures with four of the bloggers! In fact Claradevi was our model for the photography session! It was so much fun and the scenery of the sea was beautiful as it got more windy.

I won a Rp.100.000,- voucher from joining the North Bazaar giveaway on instagram. Looking through Sonia'sand Anastasia's booth, I bought 3 black outfit ( I know my obesssion with black is unhealthy) but they were such cute statement pieces and each only cost 100k. All in all if they had a future bazaar and these kind of workshop, I would certainly recommend people to visit North Bazaar and join the hype.

Checkout their instagram @north_bazaar.

Top: h&m
Kimono: handmade by me
Pants: thrifted from Taiwan
Necklace: The Crystalize

Jakarta Fashion Week had finally arrived after Indonesia fashion week and Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival. This year JFW is held in Senayan City with two shows on-going everytime, one in the fashion atrium and the other in the fashion tent. This year I had the opportunity to watch a show on 1st November, Saturday.

I joined @soniaeryka 's giveaway in twitter for a Billy Tjong Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 ticket and luckily won it! This was the Bow collection in collaboration with WRP Diet who provided the tickets, Heavenly blush and U Rock FM. Attending this show and meeting my favorite local blogger totally made my day. I finally met the gorgeous Sonia Eryka the mastermind behind Diary of a Riotous Belle Blog! ( check out her super cool blog )

The collection has elements of each product that Billy Tjong collaborated with and this collection is a ready-to-wear which will be available online.  

I met two other girls who also won this giveaway and so I got to know two new friends. Not only that I met a lot of fashion bloggers and of course met the beautiful Clara Devi whom I've met during Infare  .