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After suffering great depression due to circumstances for not being able to go to Indonesian Fashion Week 2014, I've decided to try and cheer myself up by posting happy looking images and also share with you my book haul. For you who loves reading book as much as I do.
Last time during the school holiday, I invited one of my friend to have a photoshoot with me. This happened before I even started blogging. There are certainly no limit to my photography and fashion obsession. These pictures are taken right by the gates inside my house and the lighting was perfect.

When trying to look cool yet girly at the same time, accommodate a graphic top with a little detailing on it and pair it with some shorts and a cool black boot. This will always work. You could also try styling your hair up in anyways but I'm no expert at this.

Top from Magnolia a local brand and the shorts were thrifted at Taiwan.
I love the cute drawing and writing on this short.
These sneakers I bought at ROSS USA department store. They actually sell a lot of shoes that are on sale!

The Overall Look :)

Now to the BOOK HAUL!!

Edgar Allan Poe was a very famous classic poet and horror story writer for those of you who love literature.
Trinkets in the other hand is an interesting story about thief by Kirsten Smith

The book Gloss is about working in a fashion magazine office while
Paris Street Style is about the cool fashionistas in paris wear and
it includes several cool tips from them too.

And never miss my monthly dose of TeenVogue. I love how teen vogue loves including ballerinas once in a while.

I'm Loving my super cute new knitted rabbit camera case! It's so adorable I actually feel like cuddling with it.
 To share with you guys, I'm loving this band called Manic Street Preachers and I got they're album National Treasure. The other one would be The Weeknd, I recently knew it from the songs in my Ipod which I found accidently. Thursday has a really catchy tune!

Just to tell all of you Indonesian readers, this week at FX Sudirman mall there will be Infare Garage Market!! You could check their instagram @infare_ or #infare2. You can also checkout they're blog here.
This was last years poster :)
And this is this years!

So I was playing around my house and since my dad is a fine art lover, he has tons of paintings. If you notice on my pictures taken inside the house, paintings  surround me.It's like a painting gallery or museum! It can be creepy sometimes and inspirational in others because these paintings have so many meanings behind them that you could ever imagine. I love them too! 

 This top is from H&M and the black lace skirt is from a local shop I got long time ago. Not only is this skirt cute and cool but I would sometimes warp this fancy skirt into a costume for Halloween because it gives the dark mysterious girl vibes.

See this little painting despite it's simplicity, it's very beautiful and cute
Another thing I wanted to share is that Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 is HERE! I missed Jakarta Fashion Week last year due to lack of transportation but this year I won't miss this chance to watch the runway shows of Indonesian Designers! Any of you visiting IFW14 too? Tell me if you do who know we could meet up :)

 Sorry for posting less lately, I'm a student juggling test these days! Hope to meet you peops on my next post.

So I visited JKT Euphoria Project which is located at Grand Indonesia and checked the super cool things they sell. It's sad I wasn't allowed to buy anything here especially when I want Jade Bag's Cambridge "Black Polkadot Cambridge Satchel" badly and it was on a Rp.100.000 sale for that particular one :(

Nonethenless I'm here to share with all of you the cute trinkets I found while walking in a maze of shops. Visit THEM today because it ends on 16th February 2014!! Friendly REMINDERS: Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 is next week!From 20-23 February in Jakarta Convention Center.

#OOTD in the wall of fame!

Dont forget to try Ron's Laboratory also located in Grand Indonesia's West mall!

So after going to the fair, I went to visit forever 21 I mean what's a day without visiting forever 21 right? They always have the cutest yet cheap accesories I can never get over with! ( Please mind that I do LOVE leather )

Instead of buying clothes I went for a accesory haul 

Went to the Styyli App Counter and no one was there so I took these because the security let me :p

Check out Styyli App which is launching soon! It's a fashion app that is really convenient and cool! 
I wanted to visit their stand so bad but they weren't open so I didn't get anything:(
Want these phone casings real bad!

Styyli is launching they're app soon on ios and I can't wait for it!

A sneakpeak to Styyli app!

Pictures from Euphoria Project:
Is it only me or others also notice this super cute fitting room muse?
Linoluna's super cute Matryoshka
Check this hippies store at Hippearce
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So tommorow is valentines and I can't help but remember how 2013 was. This is the throwback post I'd like to share with you.
Last year my friend had an unexpected surprise right on 14th February
anyways there were lots of school events that was really memorable and also some out of school mini parties we had haha :)
Halloween 2013

Fall out boy concert and h&m grand opening!
Visiting my brother in USA! It was so fun and exciting!
Dance Year end performance! <3

Prom for seniors
Partying in an island for friends birthday
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How To Wear Beanies?
The Boy/Girl

You can wear beanies in many ways and it depends on how you style one. The right colour, style and shape of beanie can change the style of your look. In this case I went for the BOY style.

Top from Y&J a thrift shop in Bugis Street,Singapore.

Zipper bracelet from Traffic in Gandaria City, Jakarta.

Pants from Zara TRF, Boots from Forever 21 and beanie from UNIQLO.

The Boy/Girl

For a girlish look my friend Kuku from wore this:

Beanie from GU a shop in Japan.

Neo Adidas, Selena Gomez's shoes.

Neo Adidas, Selena Gomez's shoes.

Super cute "KISS" jumper from Singapore.

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Chinese new year also known as lunar new year is here and I'm sharing the pictures of the outfit worn during mew years eve and on chinese new year (30th, 31st January)
Soniaeryka x chielstore shoes from Chiel Shoes. Loving it so much but this one is too tight on me anyone interested just contact my line: joyi_199 it's brand new and almost never worn except for this photoshoot teehee.

#OOTD white top and Burgundy red skater skirt from Bugis Street, Singapore.
Red velvet hair bow from Forever 21
This drawing is an illustration drawn specially for my awesome and beloved friend Kuku!

So this is my outfit for Chinese New Year while visiting my family the whole day. P.S my thigh looks kinda big because they are in fact muscly due to dancing. :p
Cutout dress from Bugis Street, Singapore.
Shoes are from Charles and Keith.

By the way have you guys checked out the LOCAL FEST in Gandaria City, Jakarta? Tommorow is the last day so hurry! Lot's of online shops and cute stores are present in this exhibit including Chiel Shoes, where I bought my white boots.