Attic Antiques

So I was playing around my house and since my dad is a fine art lover, he has tons of paintings. If you notice on my pictures taken inside the house, paintings  surround me.It's like a painting gallery or museum! It can be creepy sometimes and inspirational in others because these paintings have so many meanings behind them that you could ever imagine. I love them too! 

 This top is from H&M and the black lace skirt is from a local shop I got long time ago. Not only is this skirt cute and cool but I would sometimes warp this fancy skirt into a costume for Halloween because it gives the dark mysterious girl vibes.

See this little painting despite it's simplicity, it's very beautiful and cute
Another thing I wanted to share is that Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 is HERE! I missed Jakarta Fashion Week last year due to lack of transportation but this year I won't miss this chance to watch the runway shows of Indonesian Designers! Any of you visiting IFW14 too? Tell me if you do who know we could meet up :)

 Sorry for posting less lately, I'm a student juggling test these days! Hope to meet you peops on my next post.

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