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So on 27th january, my birthday ,as I suspected my friends did floured me till I looked like an old granny but no matter what, I love all of them and their presence always makes me joyful. If it wasn't for them would I ever have this kind circle of family welcoming me every morning.

To be remembered and to know that people actually care made me happy.
Will update again next time with more fashion content, this is just sharing with all of you my memorable moments.

So it's Saturday and it's time for my dance lesson as usual, and that's where I meet my bud Kuku . Just after our lesson ended it's time for us to take pictures for our blog! Check hers out at We had tons of laughter shooting and also visited some cool shops in Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta.

Here are some crazy pics we took:

We also went to some stores that sells the cutest things of all!

These all seen in the store called Classroom.

and one last cute collection of ducks I saw
This was at Scoop

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It has been raining this whole season though there's only two season here since it's a tropical country, but I was very fortunate since I get to go to Singapore when flood strikes my house. I just got back from Singapore with a few nick-nacks I want to share with you guys. Well for my obsession of books I got myself a ton of them this time and also several thrift shop clothing just for lunar new year which would be posted later on.

I will also share some books I would recommend for those fashion and photography lovers so check them out. 

This book is personally very cute and fun. It gives ideas of fashion photo shoot ( as seen on the title) . 
These super cute badges are to be put on   jackets and utility jackets or military jackets as an accessory.

These cute necklaces were bought in a shop called "Talisman" in Singapore's Junction 8, Bishan.
They look like those on Lanvin's runway and since I've been fashion hunting these necklace, I was so delighted to find them.

Sources of inspiration:

 The source to the greatest casual and street style, it's full of grunge looks or natural make up ViVi in different language is really cool haha!

The sepetember issue of Vogue US, the thickest of all full of ads and campaigns for the f/w season. Jenlaw looking super gorgeous.

Teen Vogue to keep up with the trend for youngsters like me. Thats my first teen vogue and my latest one. 

Gogirl! a local magazine that has a very cool layout and keep me uptodate with the local events. I first came upon this magazine when I saw the fashion issue. 

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So I went to watch Fall Out Boy's World tour concert and decide to follow the rockstar style for this occasion.

Forever 21 band top and h&m denim skater skirt.

Forever 21 faux leather combat boots.

The concert was so awesome and not only that but I got a guitar pick that luckily hit my forehead and fell (literally like a dart). I know I'm lame but that was my first concert and it was worth it. For any of you who are interested with Fall Out Boys or Paramore (both whom I love), those two are having a collab concert called the " MONUMENTOUR" if that interest you. Sadly those tours are only around the US so cross your hearts and I just hope I'm able to watch the concert in any case.

Photo creds:
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So I have an obsession with analogue cameras and so I decided to share with you some pictures I recently developed. 

These are taken with Diana f+ mini and kodak 35mm film.

You never know how analogue cameras can come in super handy in producing image with effects unexpectedly. Pictures are taken with a diana f+ mini on 35mm kodak film.

So I'm going to give a brief introduction, I'm a typical girl who loves fashion like any other fashion bloggers. Doing this is just an entertainment for me. I go to school everyday and have constant lessons everyday Monday-Sunday (ha yeah I know its crazy) but that's cuz I love so many things!

Doing anything fashion and art related has been my cravings since I was young. It's now a part of me I never want to lose and hope to embrace more! So through this web I hope to share the taste of my fashion and share it to the world. I love doing photography and drawing too! Ask me anything you want to know (that's not too personal ;)

I might not post as much as other blogs do because as you see I'm a very busy student but if there is any free moment I could capture anything I can share, it would be very great! I'm a student with a small online shop collaborated with my friend and I wear clothes that AREN'T branded. In my blog I will show everyone even thrift shop items can look super cute,cool and chic, maybe even high fashion so wait for it guys! I am also going to post some street fashion, anything my heart desires. Will post often during holidays.

-Love y'all-
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