So a trip to USA and Taiwan could not be left without shopping trips and hauls can it? Well maybe for me haha not for everyone of course. 

The shopping streets of Ximending had left me wanting more and more, for those who love thrift shopping and unbranded and cheap trendy fashion items, here is the place to go! Shoes ranging from boots, heels, chunky platforms to girly pumps can be found here! Beautiful dress and chic tops, ripped pants, denim... You can find so many things!

There is one specific store that I want to recommend to you my readers! It's called Salome and the shop sells the cutest things! Clothes are imported and some are self made by the owner herself

Besides the beautiful scenery of Niagara Falls and lakes, I visited USA's biggest H&M chain store that was an entire building ( though the shop was 4 floors + 1 fitting room floor ) it was amazing. Their fitting room is so big I almost felt like a celebrity.

I also went to Forever 21 in Manhattan and what I found pretty cool was that they have a Photobooth. I didn't went in it because it would be pretty silly to go in one myself, but maybe someday I'll be in one with my friends. ( maybe ) I also visited a shop in lake tahoe which sells the cutest posters that they display along the walls and also candies and treats. They sell hershey bars but what's cool is that they had a vibtage packing that you don't see on normal hersheys. I regret not buying one of them haha.

Most of you know Urban Outfitters right? They have such fashionable items but it could be quiet costly. Nonethenless their nail polish and cute knick knacks are affordable and so I got two nail polish and a super cute single use disposable camera! They also sell special turntables with designs only they sell and cameras like polaroid and instax.

Summer vacation is coming to an end and I know I haven't been posting for almost a month and big apologies for that but I was indeed out of country for summer to meet my brothers in USA.

I transited at Taiwan for a day and went shopping at Ximending and went to the Lomography Embassy at Taipei. The shops in Ximending range of different prices. Oh! Never forget to taste Misua Achung ( something like fine ramen ) it's very delicious and I highly recommend it, it's in Ximending just ask any local citizen there.

Bihun Achung at Ximending

Me and my purple highlights 

This time I'm not just going to California but also visiting the infamous New York City and also a beautiful lake called Lake Tahoe. Now I know when I say summer you think it'll be full of bikinis, tank tops and shorts but I can't say that when I went to the US because everyday was very breezy and windy. I had to walk with my jacket or outerwear on because it was chilly ( if that's even a word). Anyway, I first transit in Taiwan and stayed for a day and continue the trip to California, where I met my brothers. In California, all I did was the usual help brother clean things up and eat in delicious restaurants. I went to a mall at San Jose too and that sums it all up.

On 26th August, I flew to Newark in NY and arrived at night. It was less than 5 hours to fly from
San Francisco to New York. The next day was a city tour around Manhattan, walking around Broadway street, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art the place where the popular MetGala was held every year and this particular year it was to celebrate Charles James the fashion designer. It was lovely and amazing to witness the designs of a legendary designer.

The next days of the week I went around NYC visiting tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls , going to Boston where Harvard and MIT is located and also went on multiple boat rides in each city. I extended an extra day in NYC without the tour and stayed at Manhattan to see more places and well, shop.

I went back to California and stayed at San Fransisco for arpund 3 days and went back to Indonesia. That sums up my whole summer oh and an extended one week school holiday, so I had a really long one this year.