Casual Saturday at Kemang


Since summer holidays has started ( though Indonesia had always been summer the whole year) , I went to engage in a small journey around kemang with my father to look for stores knowing they have a lot of vintage stores and comfy cafes everywhere around the road. My intentions to go to kemang was actually to look for a vinyl player and checkout some lomography cameras ( if you read my old post i'm obsessed with them), but when I visit the Colony 6 building, they had a lot of restaurants such as pancious, pepenero and many more. I went to project one store where I found all the lomography cameras, not only that but I also found some collections from the local brands I watched during JFFF14. 
After going to every floor of the building I reached the highest level. This is where I found a restaurant ,called Fj on 7 ,selling cocktails, mocktails, dessert and some cakes too. I ordered a banana split to share with my dad and a mocktail. The ice cream tasted delicious and looked really cute too.

My dad paid the bill and we continue to find the vinyl store. After turning around several times we finally found it. The store is called Monka Magic and they sell vinyls imported from USA prices ranging from IDR300k-600k++ and also turntables to play these vinyl players. Monka Magic is located inside , beside this was a clothing store with various mixtures of brands. One brand I recognised was House Of Holland. I found super cool DrMartens combat boots that I love. 

I headed home right after checking out this store and had a great experience. I will visit Kemang again soon and hope to try and find more cafes and antique stores. If any of you have suggestions please leave comments below. :)

*excuse the pictures were taken with iphone as I left my camera at home due to rushing

 Sharing with you my lomography camera this is diana f+ mini la vie en rose. 

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