Party Dress 101

Many girls have been bustling around looking for the perfect dress to wear to prom and hope for their prince charming to escort them to this long waited event. Every school and every year, there's always a theme for prom but you can never go wrong with a dress never mind how simple or bedazzling it is. Looking for one that you can wear not only once but to other occasions would be a very good idea because party dress could cost a lot, especially if it's customized but I  recently found out that this web has beautiful and affordable custom size dress that you could pick.

There are many types of party dress, from long prom dress to short prom dress. There are also beautiful cocktail dress or evening dress designs that could blow your mind. Everyone has a different body so when choosing a design, you should pick one that would suit you best. 

Short Prom Dress
Long Prom Dress
Cocktail Dress
Evening Dress

You would want to relish the last moments of graduation with a beautiful dress never to be forgotten. Maybe one of you wanted to win prom queen, an eye capturing dress could score you more points. Asking your date what color his tux or suit would be will help in minimizing the confusion of picking what color to wear during prom. Looking for shoes that can match what your dress color and design would be very important too. Wearing accessories could help add more glam to your look if you chose a simple plain dress while keeping everything plain and wearing a glittery or beaded dress will help balance the whole look. An elegant hair up do is perfect for graduation but it all depends on your style and choice.

Choose the right color to match with your skin tone, for example light blue and orange dress can make fair skin look even whiter and fresh. Shoes are also a very important essential for prom. Every girl thinks heels are the prom shoes but wedges ( which can be more comfortable) and platform shoes can also accompany your dress so pick wisely. Not everyone likes make up but a natural make up will help you look even more beautiful than you are and some might prefer smoky eye or playful make up.

Hope this post help any of you trying to prepare for a party, a prom or any other events. :)

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