Sorry for not posting for a while, my wifi broke down and till now it's still not fixed yet. 

So last week on March 20-27 I was on a school field trip to Japan and the focus was on Osaka. It was sad that I didn't go to Tokyo. Nevertheless, I had a shopping spree in Shinsaibashi street and even saw snow. My childhood dream was to see the cherry blossom flower also known as sakura and now I finally fulfilled it.

The day before I came back, we all went to Universal Studio and had lots of fun! 

Day 1: 
I went to Kobe and ate delicious Kobe beef. It was so soft and tender I love it so much I just can't stop eating it!

Day 2:

Rode the shinkansen aka bullet train to Kyoto.

Found this super cute and vintage place I'm actually unsure whether it's a shop, cafe or residential area.

Day 3:
Stayed in a traditional hotel where I experienced the onsen (hot spring) and really, I felt rejuvenated right after I came out of the onsen. It was lovely.

The morning before I leave the hotel. This splendid view right in front of my hotel shouldn't be missed!

Day 4:
Visited the dinosaur museum.

 Day 5:

Went up a mountain and we checked out a temple. Loving the snow

And this is the day I had my fashion shopping spree.
Day 6:

Sneak peak to the new character at universal studios.

While being in Japan I continued the Styyli app challenge. It was actually lot's of fun. WML :)
Upcoming post on shopping in Japan and my shopping spree. Stick around and wait for updates!
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So I've always wonder how would a black lipstick look on me and during my spare time, I played dress up with my friend on the weekend. She curled my hair and did my make up. To top the super grunge-goth make up, I tried looking for black in my wardrobe but incorporate it with a pink color that certainly is a way to catch your eye instead of wearing all black.

These are June and Julia Hena Boots.

The black so called "body buckle" is from infare( check my previous post about this here)

The thunderbolt cuff earing is from Forever 21. For a clearer picture check out my previous post here.

And the glitter skull prop I'm holding is from my brothers university shop :)

Have you guys check out the Styyli 30 Days Challenge?

Check they're instagram for details.


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So I finally went to infare on Saturday and I Love basically everything! But of course, I could't just buy everything. So I bought just another cute Choker from Blooming Slowly Choker only for Rp.85.000 considering it's handmade this is a really good bargain!

These beautiful and funky bloggers!
Gabriella Olivia

Hey greedysassy x LINF 

Beautiful ci Eliz looks even prettier in real life!

I got one of their chokers at Local Fest and It'll be on my Instagram!

#OOTD with the INFARE sign!

The Aerosmith top ( I love this band fyi) from Forever 21, leggings from metro and shoes from rubi in Singapore.