Spring Cherry Blossom


Sorry for not posting for a while, my wifi broke down and till now it's still not fixed yet. 

So last week on March 20-27 I was on a school field trip to Japan and the focus was on Osaka. It was sad that I didn't go to Tokyo. Nevertheless, I had a shopping spree in Shinsaibashi street and even saw snow. My childhood dream was to see the cherry blossom flower also known as sakura and now I finally fulfilled it.

The day before I came back, we all went to Universal Studio and had lots of fun! 

Day 1: 
I went to Kobe and ate delicious Kobe beef. It was so soft and tender I love it so much I just can't stop eating it!

Day 2:

Rode the shinkansen aka bullet train to Kyoto.

Found this super cute and vintage place I'm actually unsure whether it's a shop, cafe or residential area.

Day 3:
Stayed in a traditional hotel where I experienced the onsen (hot spring) and really, I felt rejuvenated right after I came out of the onsen. It was lovely.

The morning before I leave the hotel. This splendid view right in front of my hotel shouldn't be missed!

Day 4:
Visited the dinosaur museum.

 Day 5:

Went up a mountain and we checked out a temple. Loving the snow

And this is the day I had my fashion shopping spree.
Day 6:

Sneak peak to the new character at universal studios.

While being in Japan I continued the Styyli app challenge. It was actually lot's of fun. WML :)
Upcoming post on shopping in Japan and my shopping spree. Stick around and wait for updates!

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