Hello guys!! The holidays are starting and it's time for everyone to grab their summer kits and hunt for huge sales in many stores! I personally don't enjoy too much of the heat because I get dizzy very easily but the fact of cheap clothing, I can't deny my cravings to shop!

So this post is dedicated to a local brand called Celengan which is a brand where you purchase their products which consist of graphic t-shirts and your money will go to a charity. They also held several events relating to charity and helping orphans just recenlty in Ancol and I support this community 100%! I've always loved helping those in need since I know I'm lucky enough to have everything I need and somewhere out there, there are indeed people who needs help.

This t-shirt represents a lot of things. Not only are their products affordable, It's also good quality with high quality fabric and material. The "Feels good" writing isn't printed, it's in a some kind of velvet material that I secretly enjoy to touch a lot haha :)

So guys don't forget to grab your t-shirts to support a good cause!

You can purchase the t-shirt and browse their catalog through www.celengan.org. Some are also available at www.store.ootdindo.com.


t-shirt: Celengan
Leggings: Taiwan thrift store
Shoes: Supra
Choker: Wego 
Snapback: Dignity
Phone Casing: Seravee

Every girl is waiting for their dates to pick them up to go to the infamous school event ,Prom. This year I had to organize the Prom for the Secondary 4 students of my school and knowing that I will have to move around a lot, I decided to wear pants instead of fluffy bejewelled dress most girls wear.

I was inspired by Cara Delevigne's Met Gala look this year so I decide to pair up my white pants from H&M with a simple black top I got from a thrift shop, that has less cutouts than Cara's. I mixed in a simple black choker from Uniqlo along with a simple black feather cuff earring from Claire's. So this look is basic monochromatic, my fav. To top up a party look, I wore these super tall heels with glitter details on the base of the shoes obtained from Amante. The high waist white pants made my legs look longer which is a good way to look taller if you want to gain the extra height.

I incorporated a white mask during Prom because the theme was Masquerade Ball but you can always wear this and look high fashion to your school prom except if it doesnt match your theme.

The best part is, you don't have to spend so much to order a custom dress or a ready made party dress but still look simply stylish to an event like prom. Being different and trying out new styles is always the best way to experiment.

You could add make up to fit the look, maybe some smoky eye or a fake lash to enhance the eye but I like to keep things natural so all I did was use eyeliner and mascara. ( which I didn't here ). Bring some color to your lips by using a red lipstick ( like T-swifts) or a dark burgundy for an elegant glamour look.

Top: Thrifted

Pants: H&M
Choker: Uniqlo
Earrings: Claire's
Shoes: Amante

Just recently I painted my hair purple. Yes I know the first thing you'll think is that it's more brown or red than purple. This is because when I bleached it, I didn't let it settle for too long and I used a weaker bleach so this is the result. My paint wasn't enough for the whole hair as I have a long and thick hair so I guess I had to buy more of the Manic Panic Violet Night which I obtained from binkdotz during infare. (check previous post for details) The camera is a vintage rare Polaroid brand which you can buy from CaptainLemouseal.

Flower crown: Inspired By Luce
Pink top: Thrifted from Taiwan
Manic Panic: ManicShopId and ManicPanicBinkDotz 

Photo credits to Caroline(one beside me )
So I got a hang of this new brand called egency which was started by two bloggers and their friend with the concept of mesh fabrics and monochrome colors. This is basically my wardrobe and style so I fell in love immediately when I saw their launching which was on Infare 3 ( check out my previous post to know more). 

I paired the Orsted top from egency with a big fedora( it's actually medium) and a black sneaker wedge. This whole look represents the black and white concept . The top was made of leather fabric with tiny holes and the sides are connected by thick rubber bands. The sewing was really neat and quality is highly recommended.

Don't forget to check their latest lookbook releasing soon and updates on their instagram @egency
P.S. They are currently having a giveaway for lucky followers & promoters one Orsted top( one im wearing)

Hat: @Stylecorner_shop (instagram)
Hair paint: @Manicshopid (instagram)
Top:@ Egency (instagram)
Shorts: Thrifted Singapore
Shoes: Sketchers

So just yesterday I helped my friend Sonya Thaniya (check her blog out) at INFARE 3,at EX, with her fun and colorful collection of dress with funky patterns called 1dayfullcolors. This year's theme was colorful and playful. It was an amazing experience for business and also to meet all the new people and get to know them. All the bloggers and booth owners were so friendly I'm so speechless. My booth was right beside Christina Novianti's booth and also right in front of Lucedaleco and Anaztasia Siantar's booth imagine how lucky I was?! On my right side was binkdotz, Indonesia's official Manic Panic distributor. I was too excited and some brand like EGENCY are grand opening their brand there too so people who visited infare got the first pieces of their collection. 

I bought some stuff from lucedaleco's flower crown booth and even chat a little :) I love how everyone has funky hair colors and bold looks. I took pictures with some, actually a lot of bloggers and also their booth. I even met the owners of June and Julia my favorite local brand of shoes. They helped me fix my shoes on the spot instantly when I told them a nail poked out of my wedges. That was really nice of them. There are many other shops that is highly recommended for you readers who love local brands and fashionable items. Enjoy!

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