Fashion for a good cause

Hello guys!! The holidays are starting and it's time for everyone to grab their summer kits and hunt for huge sales in many stores! I personally don't enjoy too much of the heat because I get dizzy very easily but the fact of cheap clothing, I can't deny my cravings to shop!

So this post is dedicated to a local brand called Celengan which is a brand where you purchase their products which consist of graphic t-shirts and your money will go to a charity. They also held several events relating to charity and helping orphans just recenlty in Ancol and I support this community 100%! I've always loved helping those in need since I know I'm lucky enough to have everything I need and somewhere out there, there are indeed people who needs help.

This t-shirt represents a lot of things. Not only are their products affordable, It's also good quality with high quality fabric and material. The "Feels good" writing isn't printed, it's in a some kind of velvet material that I secretly enjoy to touch a lot haha :)

So guys don't forget to grab your t-shirts to support a good cause!

You can purchase the t-shirt and browse their catalog through Some are also available at


t-shirt: Celengan
Leggings: Taiwan thrift store
Shoes: Supra
Choker: Wego 
Snapback: Dignity
Phone Casing: Seravee

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