When you only see this crop top individually, you would pair it with things like jeans or a skirt which is what I did. But I'd like to try and take it a little out of the ordinary by matching it with a pair of crushed velvet purple platform booties and a holographic choker. More of something you would see as a dollskill.com outfit .  If I only wore the skirt it will give a girly look but after adding the shoes, hat and choker, I somehow manage to make it look somewhat more grunge.

P.S. The crop top has a super cute open slit back.

Top: Editors Market
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Wego ( Japan )
Shoes: Blastrcreepers
Hat: H&M
So if you guys know possibly the current trend would be a super neat feed on instagram with a specific theme and super cool outfits such as ones from American Apparel with Nike shoes or adidas socks. Either way I had discovered a shop with a style that 'clicks' with mine. Loudncrayy, a Singapore based store, has an affordable collection of authentic goods. It's amazing that some of the things they sell, I already own.

American Apparel and Nike could cost more than the normal allowance I get but since Loudncrayy sells affordable high quality dupes and even original products, you won't have to worry!

To get a discount just use the code " JOYI10"on your checkout and you will get a discount on your purchase. (P.S. they deliver worldwide and code will expire soon!)

Top: Apparel After Dark
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
These few months had been fully packed with music festival all over the world. You can witness these on snapchat and every social media. Jakarta brings back We The Fest 2015 which I am glad I attended with my friends. The line up had a mix of everything I like from rock, indie to electro (not exactly edm). Last year the schedule was so not on time meanwhile this year I was so happy that they were so on time. Ismaya did a very good job with the time management. I luckily could watch almost all that I wanted. I tried George Calombaris, from Masterchef Australia, Greek restaurant and it tasted real good.

To buy food we had to buy tokens and I personally felt this wasn't a very good idea as it was bothersome and we had to line up to buy tokens just to buy water and they didn't let us bring water ourselves. Nevertheless, I got to join a free dream catcher making workshop for free to kill time as we entered early. There wasn't also as much photo areas as there were last year but I love the artworks around I hope they would've had more art murals around.

The first show I watched was Echosmith, followed by Wes Baker a very funny and super cool magician before Darius showed up and bring pumped up kicks to the stage. We ended the day by watching Sheppard one of  my current favorite jam introduced by my friend.