The Current

So if you guys know possibly the current trend would be a super neat feed on instagram with a specific theme and super cool outfits such as ones from American Apparel with Nike shoes or adidas socks. Either way I had discovered a shop with a style that 'clicks' with mine. Loudncrayy, a Singapore based store, has an affordable collection of authentic goods. It's amazing that some of the things they sell, I already own.

American Apparel and Nike could cost more than the normal allowance I get but since Loudncrayy sells affordable high quality dupes and even original products, you won't have to worry!

To get a discount just use the code " JOYI10"on your checkout and you will get a discount on your purchase. (P.S. they deliver worldwide and code will expire soon!)

Top: Apparel After Dark
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

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