Dont Kill My Vibes


This post is dedicated to mix and matching outfits. People want to save money yet look stylish and different knowing that it might not be very "stylish" to see someone rewearing an outfit the same way on Monday and on Friday or encounter meeting someone who has the same t-shirt as them worn almost exactly the same way.

I've got some tips and examples for every girl out there to rock simple and basic pieces of clothing that you might have or could find in an affordable price. It's not always about how expensive or branded a piece is but sometimes it just requires a creative imagination to edit.

In this post, I'm showing you BOYISH vs SPORTY CHIC with only ripped denim shorts, a button down, a tanktop, sneakers and stylish wedges. You may also add beannies and snapbacks or some bracelet to mix in with the look.

Wearing a tank top and shorts would be the fastest way to pull off when in a hurry but it could look too simple sometimes. Just add an outerwear depending on your style or mood and it would change the whole look. Another way would be choosing the right shoes and accesories to finish up the whole look. Maybe heels or wedges can make it look girly while sneakers and boots will make it a little boyish. You can compare the two different looks I pulled of in this post.

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