So I'm going to give a brief introduction, I'm a typical girl who loves fashion like any other fashion bloggers. Doing this is just an entertainment for me. I go to school everyday and have constant lessons everyday Monday-Sunday (ha yeah I know its crazy) but that's cuz I love so many things!

Doing anything fashion and art related has been my cravings since I was young. It's now a part of me I never want to lose and hope to embrace more! So through this web I hope to share the taste of my fashion and share it to the world. I love doing photography and drawing too! Ask me anything you want to know (that's not too personal ;)

I might not post as much as other blogs do because as you see I'm a very busy student but if there is any free moment I could capture anything I can share, it would be very great! I'm a student with a small online shop collaborated with my friend and I wear clothes that AREN'T branded. In my blog I will show everyone even thrift shop items can look super cute,cool and chic, maybe even high fashion so wait for it guys! I am also going to post some street fashion, anything my heart desires. Will post often during holidays.

-Love y'all-
guess this would be my temporary blog logo if any of you have a suggestion or design please do sent it to my email: dream.vibe.couture@hotmail.com

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