The Project Visit


So I visited JKT Euphoria Project which is located at Grand Indonesia and checked the super cool things they sell. It's sad I wasn't allowed to buy anything here especially when I want Jade Bag's Cambridge "Black Polkadot Cambridge Satchel" badly and it was on a Rp.100.000 sale for that particular one :(

Nonethenless I'm here to share with all of you the cute trinkets I found while walking in a maze of shops. Visit THEM today because it ends on 16th February 2014!! Friendly REMINDERS: Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 is next week!From 20-23 February in Jakarta Convention Center.

#OOTD in the wall of fame!

Dont forget to try Ron's Laboratory also located in Grand Indonesia's West mall!

So after going to the fair, I went to visit forever 21 I mean what's a day without visiting forever 21 right? They always have the cutest yet cheap accesories I can never get over with! ( Please mind that I do LOVE leather )

Instead of buying clothes I went for a accesory haul 

Went to the Styyli App Counter and no one was there so I took these because the security let me :p

Check out Styyli App which is launching soon! It's a fashion app that is really convenient and cool! 
I wanted to visit their stand so bad but they weren't open so I didn't get anything:(
Want these phone casings real bad!

Styyli is launching they're app soon on ios and I can't wait for it!

A sneakpeak to Styyli app!

Pictures from Euphoria Project:
Is it only me or others also notice this super cute fitting room muse?
Linoluna's super cute Matryoshka
Check this hippies store at Hippearce

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