I'm Walking on Sunshine

 Hey guys! Summer is coming ( well it's always summer here) and today's look is what I would wear if I were walking by the beach truthfully. But exam season in here so no beach and no fun. I'm sorry if I post less but well I'm trying my best to post as often as possible :)

Anyways moving on to the look. The top is from H&M, I was hunting for off-shoulder tops and here I found one that's "almost" off shoulder but I'm sorry if you couldn't see that detail here :( The overall is from a thrift shop in Taiwan while the cap was from vietnam. Sandals are from Bali and these are the brand of Ipanema, you can find them anywhere here now. And of course never forget to mention my lovely Diana F+ Snowcat that I got as my birthday gift from my classmates. Though I haven't get the film to begin using these.

Diana f+ in action!

The sandals and cap are matching each others color <3

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