JFFF Day 1

Just this Tuesday, I had the chance to watch my first ever runway show. It was so exciting and fascinating because I would watch anyway runway if I have the chance. I got tickets to JFFF, Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival, where I saw the intricate and design of designers that I honestly never saw but fell deeply in love with their designs. JFFF is a period when fashion designers gets to showcase their designs and there are also some old food ( food from the past) and fashion and food fairs set up in Mall Kelapa Gading. I know this had been going on for so long but only this year did I get a chance to gain free invitations for shopping and attend this wonderful event.

I got two tickets one is to Lennor by Lenny Agustin and the other is Urban Morphology by Sofie. I love how Lenny Agustin used our country's batik and changed it to modern designs with a colorful and fun vibe. These are several looks from the Lennor collection and the picture of the designer.

The next show was more of a dynamic and modern design with shapes, pattern and cuttings of the dress and clothes. It was full of black and white with zebra prints. Normally I wouldn't be a big fan of animal prints or patterns but after seeing this runway, I just am obsessed with it now.

All in all, it was an awesome experience to witness these designer's collection for this year's JFFF and I can't wait for some more!

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