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Just recently I came back from Japan and I would love to share with you shoppers and fashion lovers who wants to know the shops around Japan that I would recommend and I know people have different style and price budgets and as a student going to Japan with a sum of pocket money I would go for the shops that are more pocket friendly . Anyways I will also share with you a shopping haul of the stuff I bought there and I hope this post will help any of you that’s going to visit Japan any time soon or in the future.

On the first day of my trip, I was suppose to go to Harbourland but because of bad timing we didn’t have time to visit that area that has both sightseeing and shopping places but instead after going to the Kobe museum, we went to a mall called Belumer which is just across the street . When I go around I loved the shops though there weren’t much but when I enter a shop called Sanki, the first thing that caught my eyes was these awesome Gothic punk clothes and I fell in love with this section almost immediately. Not only that but the prices were rather low ranging from ¥1000-¥3000. So I ended up getting myself a skull grey jacket which I totally love. I also found several cute items from the department inside Sanki.

I passed the infamous fashion college “Bunka College of Fashion”.

I desperately wanted to take a picture of it but in a moving car, that idea was not supported.

I went to a mall beside the hotel I stayed which is Ana Crowne Hotel, Osaka.  Here I found lots of clothing shops that sells super cute clothing and what’s special is that each and every shop has their own style.  The price of the things sold here though are sort of pricy and the range would be from ¥2500-¥10000 and during the time of my visit some shops are currently having sale. I didn’t buy anything there knowing that I would buy a lot of things at Shinsaibashi Shopping Street which I’m visiting the next day but two of my friend bought this super kawaii bag which was on sale for only ¥2300 it was a good deal.
The next day after the whole sight-seeing part of the trip, we finally went to Shinsaibashi shopping street and I LOVED everything there. It was AFFORDABLE, CUTE, and TRENDY!! I wished I lived just right around the corners of this street but sadly that isn’t  true. I realize though, that in every city there are lots of shopping streets such as in Hiroshima and Kobe. Here I’m suggesting some of my fav shops and also my pickups along the way.

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