How to get ideas for your photoshoot?

I'm finally back from exams and I intend to post more now, back to blogging and posting creative content. So if you keep tabs on my Instagram, I posted several shoots that I did with my friends and the concept despite looking planned actually came from sudden ideas and impulsive/desperate search attempts to result in those photographs. So here is a post of how I get concept for photoshoots.

There are usually many different ways to approach this. For example you could pick a location and then adjust your outfit and make up to match the location or you could pick an outfit and do the opposite. If you decide to do a portrait shoot then focus on make up and hairdo and wear simple outfits so as to not distract people from looking at your clothes in the photograph.

Now a good location does not have to look good at first glimpse. For example I used a parking lot for my latest photoshoot but with proper choice of posing and a specific section of the parking lot, I could obtain cool photographs and a range of style from just one spot. With good editing and styling as well as angles, you could get different style shots just like these.

 Another idea is to use props or DIY your own device or shadow creator and use anything readily available such as sunlight and styrofoam and paper. Here I used aquarium LED lights as well as coloured translucent files to create this lighting. On the portraits I used a punctured styrofoam and use the focused sunlight to obtain shadows and my house gratings.

The best advice is just to... Not care and try everything!

Parking Lot Photoshoot
Photographer: Mario
Models: Caroline and Joyi

Shadow and Green Portraits
Photographer: Caroline and Joyi
Model: Caroline and Joyi

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