Greenies x Toilets

This is a photography post.

I had a photoshoot session with my friend and this was the result. I'd like to warn you, taking pictures by the grass was NOT EASY AT ALL. There were even Tomcats in the grass. Nevertherless, we got several shots that are beautiful if you understand the concept.

The other theme was eerie toilet shots. We turned on shower water, put on our best white plain oversized t-shirts and went under the shower. For the best resolution, turn your sharpness to the max to gain the water droplet details by the glass. The toilet pictures were taken with self timer meanwhile the pictures of me were taken by my friend Shelby and vice versa.

Check out Pinch Me Lens' website!!

Enter the Toilet Scenes ( Warning it is creepy)

White oversized button down: spotlight store
White t-shirts: cosco

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