DIY Knee Slit Jeans (Inspired by Topshop)

Jeans are very versatile, you could wear them with almost anything. But sometimes I want to notch my look up a bit and plain jeans just won't do it for me. So here I have a pair of skinny jeans which were on sale (obviously not denim) which I won't have a problem cutting. There are so many methods you could do this but I wen't for the simplest  one.

A pair of Jeans
Something to mark your jeans with

1. Wear your jeans and mark where you want your cuts to be. I marked mine on the middle slightly above the knee.

2. Slit it with your scissor and rip open the rest to get a raw messy look.

3. Use tweezers to pull out the vertical threads to open up and make the look even more distressed.

You can use sand paper to rub over the slits to make it look messier.

See it's very simple. The jeans I used were from cotton on and it is stretchy.

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