I'm Back!


Hey guys! I'm finally back, from my vacation and blogging. It has been a long time since my last post and my finals ended. This post is dedicated to my summer holiday and some tourist spots in USA or possibly go-to popular photo taking spots you guys should consider visiting when in the city.

This year I went to San Diego,whose beach I really love. There were high class shops along the streets. It was really calm and the weather at San Diego is perfect, not too hot not too cold. ( It could be really cold at night though ). I also visited Sea World San Diego, now this wasn't the first time I stayed at San Diego but I've never been to the Sea World and zoo which was well known in this area.

The next destination I stopped by was at Las Vegas, the city that never sleep. They've got very bright lights in every corner of the road because almost all shops use colourful neon lights. The first night there I watched Cirque Du Soleil, a very famous circus, at the Treasure Island Hotel. Each hotel in Las Vegas has their own special show either musical, broadway, magic shows and etc. I also ate at Wicked Spoon which is a buffet restaurant, they have so many selection of cuisine and the food taste good, especially dessert.

Next day we had a city tour to the Grand Canyon which is an obvious tourist attraction and sight see. Be sure to wear your sunscreen because it was surely hot and quite a long bus drive from Las Vegas, if you are lucky you will pass Hoover Dam.

I know this trip was mostly spent on car rides because we travel from a city to another with car but our next sightsee would be Palm Springs, as everyone knows it as where Coachella the infamous music festival was held. The fact that Palm Springs is a desert made the weather really dry and hot but wasn't cold at night. The second day in palm springs, we visited an art museum and rode a tram to see a beautiful view of the woods high up in the mountains and down the valley. From palm springs we proceed and drive to Los Angeles and arrived at night, so we had dinner and rested for the day.

In Los Angeles, we visited another famous art museum LACMA,with a very iconic photoshoot area which is a sculpture with many lamps placed closely and orderly behind one another. They also had a fossil museum called the Tar Pit because the fossils found were all buried deep inside tars.

I went to San Fransisco with a local airplane and went to Ghirrardeli Cafe( the delicious chocolate brand) and also Fisherman's Wharf to eat delicious clam chowders. I visited another art museum and saw a fashion exhibit with vintage clothing but sadly the exhibit was temporary and only last for a period of time. Nevertheless I ended my trip by going to the golden gate bridge before flying back to Indonesia.

If you stay tune on my blog, I might hold a mini giveaway along with a beauty haul of products that I bought from USA along with some things I thought my readers might like, so keep reading :) (Also an apology for not posting for long)

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