Collars and Creepers

This is a very hectic year, I have so many test even after being back from the holidays I already have a test coming in hand, it's just so fast! I hope you guys wont be disappointed at how not often I post by the ends of last year since I started entering Secondary 4, my graduating year before college. So here I am pleased to share with you my readers a handmade black collared crop top that I wanted to make long time ago. Now it may look normal from the front but I designed the back to be opened because I wanted to haha! This is handmade by myself and I also made the pattern so hope you guys like my design :)

I got a new pair of creepers from T.U.K, basically my favorite creeper shops , and I'm craving them so badly I got them for sale during the Cyber Monday sale. This one is the Blue Metallic Cracked Mondo Creepers.

There's not so much to say so I will just apologize  for the lack of post. I promise once I graduate ( please don't stop reading) , I will post more often!

Top: DIY
Shorts: Forever 21
Necklace: Lunar Cult
Creepers: T.U.K

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