Rainy Tropics Can't Stop Me

I had just recently came back from the beautiful island, Bali, which I had been craving for months to visit. During my stay, there were barely any tourist and the beach was very empty so I could just dance and prance around if I wanted to.

The first day I arrived, I went to the mountain and checked out my father's project. There was padi field everywhere and there was a spectacular view. I stayed in a very comfortable yet a mix of traditional tent hotel room. ( I can't even describe it) Love the idea of staying close to nature and listening to grasshoppers at night before I fall asleep. I spot a dead moth/ butterfly with it's wings torn and shredded and somehow I felt mixed emotions when seeing this.

The next few days after leaving the mountain, I reached my hotel at Sofitel Nusa Dua. The room was so contemporary and luxurious I loved it. There was also easy access to the pool and the beach so I'm very satisfied. I visited places such as Ubud and Seminyak. These are indeed tourist attractions but to me, it's a shopping hunt for special things. Here are some shops I recommend and well you could say my style:

The Store:

Somewhere by the roads of Seminyak
 I'm sorry to be so vague but It's catchy enough for your eyes.

Suen Noaj:

Streets of Ubud

The People Vs:

  • Jln.Raya Seminyak
  • Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80361

This Is A Love Song ( TIALS):


Gang Pura Demak II
No.4 West Denpasar,
Bali 80119

Tamara Danielle:

Monkey Forest Road, 
Ubud, Bali 

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